“We don’t need education!” A secret federal university operation revealed

Is anyone from your relatives or friends in search of commendable Higher education establishment? Well on the first sight, the University of Farmington is a modern institution with a long history and a wide variety of demanded degrees to offer, and like any typical University, it has intense online activity.

Looking through their Facebook page, Twitter feed and the official website, we can behold busy and cheerful campus’s life. In addition, every aspect of university activity is being carefully described:

  1. Colourful pictures of the academic process (Congratulating winter 2018 graduates);
  2. Inspiring posts about history observing and self-developing;
  3. The University’s long history exploration

And so on.

However, do not be deceived by inviting and friendly online atmosphere, as there is nothing behind it. All this quality diligent network presentation has been made by the federal agency as bait for illegal visitors of the country to catch them in the act of obtaining student visas and those who unlawfully provide them.


Recent bill of the indictment made it clear to everyone: the University of Farmington was the U.S. Department of Homeland Security‘s immigration project. The activity started in 2015 as a desperate attempt at detecting visa-sellers who lure foreign students with obtainable visas. They offered to get it even without the necessity to appear on studies. The next step was taken in 2017 – the agents started acting as a University’s workers. They were performing the same scheme through a group of figureheads: pay money – get a student visa and become a citizen of the USA. Eventually, eight fraudsters were caught red-handed trying to sell visas to over 600 immigrants.

Several third-party internet resources often made enticing posts with detailed information about The University’s great services, its high-class educators and multinational staff. The headlines painted in gorgeous colours and a glorious emblem on the UF website, which attract rookies and exchange students to get an education on almost any of the most modern programs (including international business) became a powerful anti-corruption tool in the hands of the law. Illegal foreigner made their illegal requests directly to the government representative.

The game was played perfectly with great attention to details until the very end. Every twitter visitor could have seen fresh post almost every day, all links and news were updated on time.

An excellent experience

The operation would not have been so successful if it had not been for the experience of previous attempts. The last successful was in April 2016, when in the University of Northern New Jersey 21 people were accused in a similar way (by creating a corrupt institutional platform for fraudsters). The prosecution made charges in selling fake student visas to more than a thousand of immigrants.

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